Saturday, February 17, 2007


For all the criticism of SEPTA's "Transit Police" over the years, it's actually refreshing to learn that there are officers out there who are capable of doing actual police work...

At around 18:35, Zone 1 officers were alerted of a disorderly female. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the 17-year-old female was reported as a runaway from the Deveraux Kanner Center in West Whiteland, Chester County. The subject, who has a history of violent behavior and running away, had been reported missing by West Whiteland Police at 17:00 and county police radio had advised the runaway was possibly heading towards 69 St Terminal or Philadelphia. Upon confirmation of the subject's identity, she was transported to PPD 12th District for processing.

While that was unfolding, Zone 6 and 7 officers responded to a report of an assault in progress at the Hunting Park subway station at around 19:15. Upon arrival, about 10-12 black male juveniles had reportedly fled the station. The victim refused medical attention and positively identified 5 of the actors, who were apprehended behind Marcus Foster Stadium at Hunting Park and Germantown.

Let's just say it's pretty rare when you can actually make one positive response about SEPTA's Transit Police considering the past track record. However, two good hits on one day should give the department a reason to be proud.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


For nearly a year, SEPTA has been pushing back the launch date of new bus routes that are part of the US 202/Section 300 Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality strategy. Initially slated to start this past summer, it was pushed back to November. A report from SEPTA (scroll to page #9) indicated that the new routes would begin in Fall 2006.

Then, when the February timetables changed, there was no mention of the two new SEPTA services - the 205 between Paoli and Main Line Industrial Park in Charlestown Twp, and the 306 between Great Valley and Brandywine Town Center via West Chester.

Now, according to an e-newsletter from DART First State, the two new SEPTA routes are scheduled to start on March 12. Meanwhile:

* A new TMA of Chester County service between the Coatesville area and the Great Valley area, known as the "Bee-Line", will start operating on February 20 (naturally, since this is a TMACC/Krap(f)'s operation, no SEPTA fare instruments will be honored).
* The extension of an early evening post-peak R5 train from Malvern to Thorndale has already taken place.

The big $64,000 question has to be why has it taken SEPTA nearly a year to make mention of two new routes in Chester County while at the same time a slew of new services - some proposed two years ago (1, 20 and 50), others just coming right out of the blue (the 127 extension and the new 150 route) - serving the Philadelphia Park Race Track/Slots Parlor in Bucks County are virtually fast-tracked.

On a related note, Krap(f)'s will operate both the 205 and 306, and also on March 12 will take over operations of the 314 from Keystone...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


In a letter that I recieved today from SEPTA, the Annual Service Plan process for this year will not take place. Projects planned for the FY2008 Annual Service Plan have been pushed back to FY 2009, depending on SEPTA's financial status by this time next year. Based on reading the state's new budget from Gov. Edward G. Rendell (D-Pa./Comcast SportsNet) in which he's planning to shift increase the sales tax while somehow claiming property tax relief (which almost seems like a big lie, considering Pennsylvania's municipalities get little to no benefit from any sales tax revenues) and other proposals to fund transit, which would not affect SEPTA until next March at the earliest, Philadelphians can prepare for a disasterous recipe of service cuts and fare hikes...

Monday, February 05, 2007


For the first time in a few years, SEPTA has re-issued the City and Suburban Transit maps. At a cost of $9.95 each, the maps contain detailed routing for all SEPTA routes, however there's one interesting note about these new maps...

They were initially put out for sale last month, yet the maps read "2006 Edition." Two thoughts here...

1. SEPTA should have waited until the Annual Service Plan routings were confirmed this past fall before putting new maps out to be published to get a more accurate reflection of the route system.

2. Instead of using a wall map format, perhaps SEPTA should consider using a map book format for future publication of all regional maps. It certainly would be more user-friendly as opposed, say, having a tourist carry a bulky fold-out map.

But, of course, that's why I'm just blogging instead of making lots of money working at 1234 Market...