Wednesday, August 21, 2002

ARCHIVES - 08/21/02

Just another fun day on West Chester Pike yesterday, as traffic was detoured in Havertown due to an accident east of the former Mercy Haverford Hospital. The incident occured at around 6:45pm yesterday. At least one bus was unable to complete it's run, while others were stuck in traffic for about 1 mile, stretching back to the Blue Route interchange.

And then, there was yesterday's incident on the 2:45pm 104 to 69 St Terminal (Bus 3235/4244 block). For the second straight day, according to a couple of passengers, that particular trip was overcrowded to the point of hazardous, as passengers were standing in the front doorway, while other standees refused to move to the back of the bus. The incident reached a head when the bus operated through Havertown as an arguement and near brawl broke out. Four SEPTA police officers were at the platform when 3235 arrived and fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, with no arrests coming out of it.

Adding to the confusion on the 104, is that the 6:35pm trip to West Chester that was listed as an express is actually a local trip, thanks to a "mistake" by scheduling. Hmmm, the run sheets printed out before the schedule change say express, the timetable says express, but the 6:35pm is a local? Just another day in the life of the geniuses at 1234 Market.

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