Monday, April 28, 2003

  • CHURCHMANS CROSSING CLOSING DART First State informed its customers that the R2 will not stop at Fairplay/Churchman's Crossing Station between May 12 and June 6 due to Amtrak track tie replacement. DART is operating a shuttle bus between Churchman's Crossing and Wilmington during the station closing. Interesting how DART has no problem accomodating inconvenience passengers while SEPTA can't even provide minimal bus service for R3 passengers between West Trenton and Trevose.

  • EL SHUTDOWN THIS WEEKEND The Market Frankford El will operate a bus bridge this weekend between Spring Garden and Frankford due to track work on the east end of the El. The usual local/express set-up will be in place, with local service operating between Spring Garden and Bridge-Pratt and express service via I-95 between 15 St/City Hall and Bridge-Pratt with a stop at Bridge and Torresdale. This might explain why there's no Rail Power Project shuttle buses this weekend.
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