Wednesday, October 15, 2003


As a follow-up to yesterday's fiasco on the 104, 5588 (apparently covering 4241 block) arrived into 69 St Terminal at 12:10am ... right as the last El train was departing for Bridge-Pratt. Needless to say, it was another slap in the face for 104 passengers who had to endure a lengthy wait in near monsoon like conditions late at night. To make things worse, the operator pulled into South Terminal and parked at the 113 bus berth, which is the furthest away from the Main Terminal building. A second New Flyer (it was a 5400-series bus) pulled out of West Terminal shortly thereafter (I was able to see it as I was on the 65 heading to Overbrook). Gee, I wonder if SEPTA's Customer Dis-Services offices got a lot of complaints over this latest fiasco...

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