Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Remember last year's Bonny and Clyde couple who had the brilliant idea of taking a SEPTA bus to flee from a robbery scene in Royersford? Apparently, they weren't the first rocket scientists who thought SEPTA would've made a good escape route...

Lou Sessinger, a columnist with the Lansdale-Doylestown Intelligencer related a story about a similar robbery a few years ago in Doylestown Township, Bucks County:

Doylestown Township Police Chief Stephen White remembers an especially dumb crook his department encountered a few years back.

The man held up the M&T Bank in the shopping center at Route 611 and Almshouse Road, which incidentally is a mere stone's throw from the Bucks County Prison.

Maybe that's fitting because the guy apparently was no stranger to the corrections system.

He had written a demand note and gave it to a bank teller, leaving it behind when he fled.

"The note was written on the back of an envelope," White recalled. "On the front of the envelope was the man's name and address. It had been sent to him by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections."

As it turned out, the holdup man had taken a SEPTA bus to Doylestown Township up Route 611 from his home in Elkins Park (the 55 - ed.). He was planning to take another SEPTA bus home after the robbery - I guess you call that a getaway bus - but he had to kill some time before the bus arrived.

For once, the lengthy headways north of Willow Grove Park Mall paid off...

His intention was apparently to get something to eat at a restaurant in the shopping center near the bank until the bus came. However, the restaurant wasn't open, and he couldn't get in.

Police arrested him within minutes. Intelligencer

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