Wednesday, April 20, 2005


There appears to be a diversion in progress on the subway-surface line. Shortly before 16:00, an Elmwood supervisor made a request for buses to be dispatched to 36-Lancaster for unknown problems in the tunnel. At least three buses have been dispatched to that location; it appears that the problems are at this point limited to the 10. There is a disabled fire truck blocking the rails along Lancaster near 36 St. To make matters worse, there's report of equipment blocking the diversion route, hence the bus-bridge.

5038 has been the only bus dispatched thus far; the control center is trying to scrounge up two more buses to cover a bus-bridge. A second bus appears to be en route to the staging area at Lancaster from 69 St Terminal.

16:14 - buses are now operating the entire length of the 10 route from 63-Malvern to 36-Lancaster. Cars currently at Malvern Loop are being told to wait at that location for now.

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