Saturday, October 29, 2005


With slightly more than 24 hours left in the current CBA, SEPTA and TWU 234 continue to negotiate in hopes of avoiding a strike. The current line (as of 22:20) is that the union is willing to negotiate "non-economic" (work rules, et al) issues before dealing with the "economic" (health care, wages, et al). SEPTA, however, wants to deal with everything at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association announced plans to operate shuttles for its employees. I don't think they're quite as familiar with West Philly as one would expect:

The West of City Hall Route will run on Market Street from the 69th Street (sic)
to City Hall. The West of Market Street (sic) route begins at 68th and Market (sic) with stops along Market Street at 63rd, 58th, 50th, 42nd, 32nd, 22nd, ending at 15th and Market.

West of Market Street? Since when did Market Street run north and south? One presumes that they're referring to Broad Street instead of Market. And, I know I haven't been around 69 St Terminal as much as I used to be, but I don't recall there being a 68 Street in Upper Darby.

I wonder if SEPTA loaned this group their proof-readers...

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