Friday, September 01, 2006


Anyone who isn't aware that SEPTA is in a financial crisis apparently has been living in another planet (or, for a more regional perspective, Kensington). Well, apparently, SEPTA has taken its ability to sell advertising to new levels that were unforseeable two years ago.

First, SEPTA began plasterning ads on the tops of its buses, which are about aesthetically appealing as vomit on the stairways of City Hall station. Then, SEPTA dropped it's policy prohibiting alcohol advertising, against the loud protests from Philadelphia officials. Now, comes the latest ad blitz - a single company/product purchasing all the advertising at a particular transit hub.

The transit hub in question is 69 Street Terminal. And, in a move that should really make those who were less than enthusiastic about alcohol ads even less so, the company that has pulled this off - by not only buying every available ad spot but also hanging at least two very visible banners of the barrier of the upper level of the main hall and brand new hanging ads in the main waiting area - is none other than that great, wholesome, family friendly beverage...


Yes, that's right, SEPTA has all but sold out 69 St Terminal to a beer company.

Perhaps SEPTA could put some of that suds money to use by making the restrooms inside the terminal, well, less of a bio-hazard. The restrooms at 69 St are so bad, that if Upper Darby's L&I officers saw the same conditions at a privately owned building, restaurant, or bar, I guarantee you those places would be padlocked.

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