Sunday, August 02, 2009


SEPTA will initiate a major improvement project for the 101/Media and 102/Sharon Hill trolleys which will result in various bus bridge operations over a 12 month period beginning after Labor Day.

The two suburban light rail lines will be reconstructed as part of a $34 million project funded in part by the federal stimulus program. Among the six elements which will comprise the project:

The bolted rail will be replaced with continuous welded rail that is common on the Regional Rail system, which brush cutting to be conducted concurrently;

The steel catenary traction power structures will be repainted;

A total of 19 highway grade crossings on both branches will be upgraded;

A total of 10 intersections on the 101/Media line will see upgraded highway grade crossing warning devices;

Fiber optic cable will be installed on both branches; and

The flexibility to work on sections of the power lines for both routes will be increased.

In addition to the above work, SEPTA is planning to upgrade several stations along both lines, replace ties and wooden trolley poles, and several additional highway grade crossings.

As part of the project, SEPTA will operate bus bridges in four stages as follows:

STAGE 1 (September – December): Shuttle service between Shadeland Av (Drexel Hill Jct) and Sharon Hill

STAGE 2 (December – March 2010): Shuttle service between Woodland Av/Springfield and Media

STAGE 3 (March 2010 – June 2010): Shuttle service between Drexel Hill Jct and Media

STAGE 4 (June 2010 – Labor Day 2010): Shuttle service along entire length of Routes 101 and 102

Additional stimulus work is slated to occur past Labor Day 2010 and into 2011, however, SEPTA is not planning to further interrupt trolley service after Labor Day 2010. SEPTA has established a toll-free hotline relating to the project; the phone number is 1-800-808-5025.

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Kyle Ortiz said...

I guess during these times, the NABI buses at Victory will have a reason to stay in service. They already gained 7 buses within this past week.

It's about time they started replacing Bolted rail with CWR throughout the system.

Hopefully once all is said and then commuters will have a smooth and more efficient ride.