Thursday, June 20, 2002

ARCHIVES - 06/20/02

Regional Rail service within Center City was disrupted today due to a bomb scare on 22 St. Shuttle buses were also placed into service yesterday within Center City, but no reasons were given as to what happened.

SEPTA made a few minor modifications to the Annual Service Plan, particularly on Routes 35, 103, 104, and 111. Route 35 will now have a bi-directional routing within Manayunk instead of it's current loop starting in September, which will operate via Main St, Leverington, Umbria, Fountain, Silverwood, Leverington, Manayunk Av, and Roxborough Av to Ridge Av. Route 103 will operate via Cricket Av, Athens Av, and Rittenhouse Pl to Lancaster Av in Lower Merion; Ardmore Av service has been eliminated. Route 104 service to West Chester may see some reduced service, but 30 minute mid-day and Saturday headways have been retained. Route 111 will be routed to serve office parks in Concordville, operating via Conchester Rd, Lacure Av, Concord Industrial Park, Aldan Av, Brinton Place Office Center, Evergreen Dr, the Shops at Brinton Lake, and Brinton Lake Rd. The final proposal will be voted upon by the SEPTA Board at next week's meeting.

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