Friday, June 07, 2002

ARCHIVES - 06/07/02

In case anyone has forgotten, the SEPTA Roadeo will take place tomorrow at the Veteran's Stadium parking lot (11 St/Pattison Av side; enter from Pattison) starting at 8:00am. Hopefully, the weather will hold out this year, unlike last year when some heavy rain arrived right at the tail end of the event.SEPTA, NJ Transit, DART First State, Greyhound, Martz, and the School District of Philadelphia are among the usual groups of operators who will have displays at the event. As usual, there will also be a celebrity bus roadeo held, however there will be a new champion this year. WPVI meteorologist Sally Ann Mosley is not expected to compete this year. Oddly enough, SEPTA hasn't posted anything about the Roadeo on its web site, so more specific details about this year's event are few and far between. (IMPORTANT NOTE: SEPTA Roadeo 2002 update will occur tomorrow; in brief, John Rinylo of Southern Depot is the SEPTA Roadeo champion (this is a recording...); former Phillies reliever (and occasional guest PA announcer at the Vet) Tug McGraw won the Celebrity Roadeo. More details and pictures will be posted within the next week or so...)

Tomorrow will be a sad day for trackless fans in Northeast Philadelphia, as it will mark the final day of ETB service on the 59, 66, and 75 for at least the next 18 months. Construction around the Frankford Terminal area will block access for the ETBs during this time, hence the busing. If you're going to the SEPTA Roadeo tomorrow, you may want to head up to Frankford afterwards to get some parting shots of the ETBs in the Northeast.

SEPTA will operate a shuttle bus on Sunday for the Odunde Street Festival on South St. Service will operate between 15 St/JFK Blvd and 19 St/Lombard every 20 minutes between 11:00am and 7:00pm. Interesting how in recent weeks, SEPTA has operated more shuttle route service than it has in previous years...

SEPTA is in the planning stages for its next 300 bus order, which could be placed as early as the end of this year. SEPTA is strongly considering returning to New Flyer for their next batch of buses, even though Neoplan has expressed intrest in the upcoming order.

SEPTA will not operate the Center City Bus Loop to the Mann Music Center on Saturday for the Manheim Steamroller concert. Apparently, fans of Manheim Steamroller do not take transit...

There are a ton of detours around the Manayunk area due to the US Pro Cycling Championship and the related drunkeness festivals along Main St. In any case, the Wissahickon Transfer Center will be closed and all transfers made at that station will be moved to Ridge and Midvale (K terminus).

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