Tuesday, July 09, 2002

ARCHIVES - 07/09/02

Allegheny 7120, operating on the 65 (5207 block) was rearended by a Ford Probe on 66 St near Lansdowne Av at around 1:15pm this afternoon. The remainder of the run was obviously cancelled. The following 65 bus, 5273 (9606 block) was filled to capacity, and also carried a wheelchair rider, making for a very crowded trip. 7120 returned to Allegheny on its own power.

A disabled westbound El train near 40 St station caused delays during the PM peak hour tonight. Some trains were delayed up to 15 minutes due to the incident, which occured at around 5:00pm.

The Neoplan demonstrator is now tentatively due to arrive on SEPTA property on Thursday, and will be put into service as early as Monday.

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