Monday, July 15, 2002

ARCHIVES - 07/15/02

A Pottstown Urban Transit bus was involved in a serious accident in North Coventry Twp on Wednesday night. Nova RTS #57 was operating the North Coventry line when it struck a minivan on Laurelwood Rd at Fisher Av near the Coventry Mall. The minivan had turned off of Fisher onto Laurelwood and right into the path of the PUT bus. The PUT bus then veered to the left, causing damage to three front lawns before coming to a stop on Laurelwood. The driver of the minivan was taken to a local hospital with head and neck injuries; the PUT driver and at least 3 passengers were taken to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center for minor injuries.

The new CARD system radio consoles are starting to be added to Allegheny's buses in addition to the many buses at Midvale which have been retrofit. There is a report that some buses at Callowhill are also getting the new radio system as well, but I have yet to see a Callowhill Neo or NABI with the new console.

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