Saturday, February 08, 2003

  • ON BROAD STREET... The southbound 27 and 32 buses are now operating along Broad Street instead of 15 Street. The move to Broad, which took effect a few weeks ago, was made due to "severe traffic congestion" along 15 Street. This move actually makes sense in that now riders from Roxborough (27, 32), Manayunk (27), and North Philadelphia (32) will have a direct southbound link to Broad Street attractions. That, coupled with avoiding the traffic on S 15 Street should improve the reliability of the 27 (though, if the city's plan to cut the 27 back to Locust Street instead of Washington Avenue is approved by SEPTA, then it's a moot point for 27 riders), as well as the 32.

  • SPEAKING OF THE 27... During the snowstorm yesterday, the 27 was detoured along Ridge Avenue instead of what was to have been the posted detour along Henry Avenue. Thus, upper Ridge Avenue through Roxborough saw the regularly routed 9 and detoured 27 and 35 buses, while Henry Avenue saw little to no service at all. On a related note, most buses were running yesterday, however during the AM peak, some suburban routes were running upwards to an hour late. The 133 scheduled to depart from King of Prussia at 6:00am and arrive in West Chester as a 92 shortly after 7:00am (6016 block) was nearly an hour late due to poor road conditions, particularly along King Road and Phoenixville Pike.

  • LOWER MERION'S WISH LIST Legislators representing The People's Republic of Lower Merion met with the township's Board of Omissioners recently to discuss securing funding for serveral projects in the township. Among the top items on the wish list is a new transportation center in the Ardmore district of the township. Two public meetings are scheduled for the proposed center, which would replace the current Ardmore Rail Station. An "ideas workshop" will be held on March 26, and a "design workshop" will be held on April 30 (locations for both to be determined).

  • OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN... Our favorite arrogant Bucks County pol is once again tossing his influence around, as if that were a shock. According to Daily News columnist Gar Joseph, SEPTA Board Chairman/Radio Impresario/Turnpike Commissioner/Land Developer Extraordinaire (now you can add former Convention Center Board member) Pasquale T. Deon, Sr. was reportedly behind the naming of Al Mezzaroba as CEO of the Convention Center, with an assist from State Sen. Vincent Fumo (D-South Philadelphia). It's a very odd move on Deon's part, since Mezzaroba is a city Democrat. Then again, when one of your closest allies is the Hon. Lame Duck Mark Schweiker and the co-owner of your radio station is one Merrill Reese, you can pretty much do whatever you want.
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