Saturday, February 01, 2003

  • SUBWAY BY THE NUMBERS SEPTA recently issued a glowing press release touting the increased number of passengers using the Broad Street Subway to attend Iggles games at the Sports Complex over the past season. SEPTA reported 84,500 passengers using the Pattison station througout the 2002 season, with 12,983 passengers using the Broad Street Subway for the final Iggles game at the Vet two weeks ago (we're sure this doesn't report the number of people injured jumping off the bandwagon following the 27-10 choke job by the Birds, a loss which effectively ended Andy Reid's honeymoon with Iggles Nation). The 84,500 passengers is up 41 percent from last season's total of 58,620. The ridership count for the previous week's Iggles/Falcons NFC Division Game totalled 9,700 passengers, although passengers returning from that game were in a decidedly better mood (that is until station personnel decided to send local trains right before the express trains). With the reduced capacity at Lincoln Finanical Field next season (I believe there are about 3,000 fewer seats at the new field than at the Vet), don't expect your webmaster to be among those attending Iggles games for a while (though the rumored high ticket prices may also have something to do with it).
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