Thursday, January 30, 2003

  • BAD TRAFFIC PROBLEMS Traffic in downtown West Chester is clogged due to a combination of a PECO Energy crew working along Market St between Church and High Sts and a defective traffic signal at High and Market. West Chester Police are directing traffic at High and Market. As of 5:30pm, traffic on High St approaching Market was backed up 4 blocks from Market to Magnolia Streets. Service on the 92, 104, and 314 are being severely impacted, with delays of up to 15 to 20 minutes expected.

    The 2:15pm 104 from West Chester (5306/4231 block) arrived at 69 Street Terminal nearly 20 minutes behind schedule, due to a combination of heavy traffic and operator incompetence. The operator continued to make all stops along West Chester Pike, despite the fact that the 3:00pm 104 from Newtown Square Corporate Campus (5299) was directly behind him. The 3:00pm from Newtown Square arrived at 69 Street about 2 minutes before the West Chester bus arrived. The late arrival of 4231 block caused the 3:35pm return trip to West Chester to depart 6 minutes late. Someone at SEPTA may want to tell these drivers to at least attempt to make up time in a situation like this, but that would be asking too much...

  • FRANKFORD UPDATE There are major changes in store at Frankford Terminal starting in June. Among the changes to be put into effect:
    • The Bustleton Av Park and Ride lot will be closed while SEPTA begins construction on the 4 level parking deck at that site;
    • Starting in July, the 3, 5, 8, 24, and R buses, which presently board south of the terminal site along Pratt and Griscom Streets, will be moved to Bridge Street, and the parking lot at Pratt and Griscom will be closed;
    • At some point during the summer, El trains will terminate at Erie-Torresdale for a 9 day period. During this time, the old El structure will be demolished with a new structure to be built and connected with the new termial building; shuttle buses between Bridge-Pratt and Erie-Torresdale will be in service;
    • Once complete, El trains and all bus routes will begin operating out of the new terminal building;
    • Once the new building is opened, some bus routes will arrive and depart along Bustleton Avenue and Bridge Street while construction begins on the Bridge Street Headhouse. All bus routes will operate from the new terminal building by December;
    • Next December, the Bridge Street Headhouse and new parking deck will be completed, which will mark the official end of the Frankford Terminal reconstruction project.
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