Sunday, January 12, 2003

  • COMEDY OF ERRORS Whomever was the supervisor in charge at Pattison Station is deserving of a job in the NFL as a traveling secretary ... for the Cincinnati Bengals. For that matter, if (more likely, when) Fearless Leader ever gets the boot from her job as SEPTA's General Mis-Manager, she could probably work for the Bengals after SEPTA's poor performance after the Iggles game last night.

    At around 11:40pm, shortly before the end of the game, two trains were at the platform at Pattison about to depart for Fern Rock - a local and an express. The local departed about a minute before the express train, making for a very slow non-stop ride between Pattison and Walnut-Locust. Memo to SEPTA: The idea of express service is to provide a faster ride between two points, not just simply to offer non-stop service. Sending a local train ahead of an express train between Pattison and Walnut-Locust defeats the purpose of an express train.

    As for the Navy Yard shuttle, only New Flyers and NABIs - most likely from Southern, though the NABIs could've come from Midvale - were used as opposed to the Neoplan artics which were used during the X Games/Phils vs. Cardinals weekend for the Navy Yard shuttle. Memo to SEPTA: If you're expecting large crowds at the Navy Yard, at the very least, it would be cheaper to use 3-4 artics instead of 6 40-ft buses.

    On the El, promises of 10 minute headways were obviously not kept. Both eastbound and westbound El trains were held at 15 St until 12:05am, with the westbound train held for about 10 minutes. This made connections to some of the Red Arrow buses - particularly the 104 and 109 very dicey at best. Memo to SEPTA: Extra service on the El does not mean simply running train service an extra hour without adding headways. And while you're at it, why not use the same policy that WMATA has for feeder buses at their Metrorail stations: To wit, the last trips on the 102, 104, and 109 are not to depart until the very last El train has arrived. I'm sure there were some 104 and 109 passengers who were left stranded because SEPTA is too lazy to either add an extra trip or hold the last buses 5-10 minutes.

    Let's put it this way. My evening at the Iggles game was wonderful until I took SEPTA on the trip back to West Chester. It never fails. SEPTA always seems to come up short when it comes to transporting sports fans in general. SEPTA can brag about how many Flyers, Iggles, and motocross fans used the Broad Street Line, but they don't tell you that service is inconsistent and uneven at best.
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