Thursday, January 02, 2003

  • DUMB AND DUMBER A South Philadelphia teenager was taken to Children's Hospital after a horrifying accident involving a 29 bus along Tasker St on Monday afternoon. The 15 year old male was reportedly skating along Tasker and grabbed the rear bumber of a SEPTA bus, then lost his grip and slid underneath the bus before being struck by a tractor trailer. The victim suffered major injuries to the lower half of his body.

  • GOOD NEWS, FOR ONCE Thanks to the postponement of the Mummer's Parade from Wednesday to Saturday, SEPTA will operate normal Regional Rail service between Center City stations and along the R1 Airport Line. Shuttle service is expected to resume on the weekend of January 11-12, however with increased ridership expected due to the Eagles playoff game that weekend, plus the Philadelphia Auto Show at the Convention Center from January 11-18, I would hope that SEPTA has some common sense and not run the shuttles again until the weekend of January 25-26. Of course, this being SEPTA, I wouldn't count on it.
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