Saturday, December 28, 2002

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS? HA! It would've been a great holiday if SEPTA could even have been bothered to clear the parking lots along the R5 Paoli during the recent snowstorm. As of Saturday morning, the inbound parking lot at Paoli was still not clear of snow. How embarrasing must it be for SEPTA to do such a pathetic job of plowing the parking lots at one of the most important suburban stations in the system?

  • DOWN FOR THE COUNT Even more embarrasing than the Eagles colossal choke job against the Giants on Saturday afternoon (the defense seems to have taken lessons from 69 St Terminal Manager Joseph O'Rourke on how to disappear when the going gets rough), SEPTA's web site is not accessible as of 6:00pm Saturday evening.

  • IT'S BACK The Rail Power shuttles return next weekend. I'm hoping that SEPTA is able to work the bugs out of the scheduling of buses between the three Center City rail stations, but I have my doubts (this is SEPTA we're talking about). On a side note, SEPTA took away the Airport shuttle runs from Red Arrow. This may very well be in retaliation for the UTU's rejection of a single list covering three modes. And remember, their contract expires in 16 months...
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