Monday, December 02, 2002

  • COMING SOON... The third batch of New Flyer low floor buses are due to arrive at SEPTA within the next 6-8 weeks. The first of the 5613-5712 batch is tentatively scheduled to be on SEPTA property around the third week of January. It now appears that Midvale will not get most of the order as originally scheduled; the original plan was to assign 85 of the low floors to Midvale with the remainder going to Frontier. Now, it appears that Midvale and Southern will get 45 new buses each, with the remaining 10 to be sent to Frontier, where they will most likely see service on the 124/125.

  • NEW BUS UPDATE SEPTA is apparently planning to proceed with a purchase of about 50 buses to replace the Ford cutaway bus fleet, most of which are literally starting to fall apart. On the Fords operated by Keystone on the 314, the destination sign has been removed. On many of the older Frontier-based Fords, the interiors of these buses have, to say the least, seen better days.

  • NJT HOLIDAY SERVICE NJ Transit will be added extra service from Camden to Cherry Hill and Moorestown Malls via the 404, 405, and 407 lines; a few 404 extras will be extended into Center City Philadelphia.

  • DART'S NEW TROLLEY BUSES DART First State put three brand new Chance AT-28 replica trolley buses into service on the #32/City Circuit Line which connects Downtown Wilmington with the Frawley Stadium complex area. The existing 30-ft and 40-ft Gilligs which were given a special livery will now be placed back into service on the regular New Castle County lines.
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