Wednesday, December 04, 2002

  • BAD LUCK DEPARTMENT Amtrak Police arrested a 21 year old Yeadon man at the Trenton Rail Station on weapons possession charges after suffering a seizure on board an R7 train to Center City and Chestnut Hill East. According to The Trentonian (probably the last news source I'd ever consider using for this site, since I can't stand that paper - ed.), Ernest Jerome Selby Tymes III, of the 1100 block of Bell Avenue, Yeadon Borough, suffered a seizure on board the 10:38am departure to Chestnut Hill East (#734). As EMTs were attending to him, a 9mm weapon allegedly fell out of Tymes' waistband. Tymes was arrested by Amtrak Police and transported to Trenton Police headquarters, and was expected to be arraigned in Trenton Municipal Court this morning on charges of illegally possessing a weapon.
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