Sunday, December 15, 2002

  • OOPS... There are certain parts of a motor vehicle that are absolutely essential for the safe operation along Pennsylvania's highways (or any highways, for that matter). One such part is the horn. Someone at Red Arrow seems to have forgotten that simple piece of advice as 5134 departed 69 St Terminal on the 12:05pm 104 to West Chester with a non-functioning horn. Despite my phone call to SEPTA Customer Service at 12:51pm (aren't cell phones great?) and an assurance by the Customer Service rep that the complaint would be passed along, 5134 was STILL on the road for the 2:05pm departure to West Chester as I observed 5134 passing by on Gay St in West Chester at 3:10pm. Isn't it nice to know that SEPTA really cares about abiding by the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?
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