Sunday, December 08, 2002

  • DIVERSION DISASTER Subway-surface trolleys were on diversion starting at around 4:00pm yesterday, due to wire problems in the tunnel. A problem with an insulator at 30 St caused several trains to stall at various locations in the tunnel, the lead car of which was 9008, which was operating on the 11 to Darby. 9086, operating on the 36, was directly behind 9008 when the power went out. During a nearly 75 minute stretch along Woodland Av, several 36 cars were spotted heading in both directions; passengers waiting for the 11 weren't as fortunate, as there was nearly an hour long wait between trolleys heading towards Darby. During that time, only one bus passed by 49 St and Woodland heading towards Darby (3056 - which was carrying a full load and didn't stop to pick anyone up at 49 St), while only 2 cars on the 11 went towards the 40 St El station. Anyone travelling along Woodland west of 49 St were essentially stranded for a good chunk of time as nightfall approached. From past experience, including last night, Woodland Av is not exactly the safest place to be waiting for SEPTA in Southwest Philadelphia as darkness approaches.

    At the same time the subway-surface tunnel went out of service, an eastbound El train was taken out of service due to a door problem on car 1048. Siffuce to say that the next El train was very overcrowded.

    Additionally, over the past 2-3 days, there have been numerous problems reported along Baltimore Av, with shuttle buses filling in for trolleys on the 34 off and on.

  • SCHUYLKILL VALLEY FOLLOW-UP The Associated Press picked up on the Inquirer's story that Philadelphia Mayor/Emperor John Street had endoresed the Schuylkill Valley Metrorail project. Check out this interesting line from the AP article:
    SEPTA wants to begin construction by 2003 and have the service running by 2007. The service would have stops in Phoenixville, Royersford, Pottstown, King of Prussia and other suburbs northwest of the city with major commuter traffic problems.

    2007? What planet is SEPTA on if they think they can get this "Metrorail" mode built by 2007? Remember that neither Delaware County nor Bucks County has given a full committment to Schuylkill Valley, and there's a strong shot that Delaware County could derail this plan, unless they get something tangible in return (read: a full restoration of the R3 Elwyn line to Wawa and West Chester).
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