Sunday, December 01, 2002

  • LANCASTER AVE PROBLEMS Trolley service on the 10 is encountering major problems due to an accident in West Philadelphia. At around 10:50am, a pickup truck passed a westbound 10 (believed to be 8054 block, with LRV 9069 - I am unsure of the number, but it was in the old middle ribbon livery) on the 5000 block of Lancaster Av. The truck reportedly struck a car traveling eastbound on Lancaster before striking a utility pole, causing a power outage along Lancaster between 40 St and 52 St. Witnesses at the scene tell me that there were no injuries.

    As a result, SEPTA is running buses along the 10 route between Malvern Loop and 36-Lancaster with a diversion around the accident scene via 51 St, Merion Av, and 50 St. At least 4 buses from Callowhill were confirmed to be covering the shuttle - 3083, 3433, 5428, and 5431. Three LRVs are effectively cut off from Elmwood Depot until PECO Energy repairs the pole. 9069 (or whatever number it is) was seen laying over at 53 St between Lancaster and Lansdowne; 9029 (8053 block) was stuck at 51-Lancaster - directly behind the accident scene, and 9032 (8055 block) which was still at Malvern Loop. At last report, service was expected to be restored by mid-afternoon.
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