Thursday, June 12, 2003

  • MORE WEST CHESTER PIKE MADNESS It seems like something else messes up the 104 every day, doesn't it? During today's PM peak, the 5:05pm from 69 St to West Chester (5148/4231 block) was initially cancelled - then departed 30 minutes behind schedule - after a downed wire on Market St at Bolmar in West Chester (near the Dunkin Donuts) blocked traffic. The wire fell literally moments before 5148 was to pass the intersection. The 5:05pm, which had been initally announced as cancelled, ultimately departed 69 St as a 104 local to West Chester at 5:34pm. The 5:35pm West Chester Express (3438/4241 block) departed on schedule, however the two buses were leap frogging each other for the entire trip to West Chester.

    Now, far be it for me to criticize Red Arrow management (ha, ha, ha), but it would've made more sense to run 4231 block as an express to Newtown Square - and possibly cut it back to New St/Market St, bypassing West Chester University to at least get it back on schedule somewhat - then send out 4241 block either as a West Chester local or as it's scheduled West Chester express to Eagle Rd, then have local passengers between 69 St and Eagle Rd (or at least Darby Rd) take the 5:40pm 112 to Lawrence Park. Of course, 4231 block arrived before 4241 block at West Chester University. And of course, logic seems to be a missing trait among the front line managers at 69 St Terminal, who only seem to show up when the trolleys are off schedule...

    Adding insult to injury (as if that were possible) there were no spare operators available to fill the schedule 5:05pm departure. Even worse, while an announcement was made that the 5:05pm departure was cancelled, I think it would've been nice if we found out the reason why, so at least people wouldn't be tempted to blame the operator.

    FOLLOW UP (6/18/03) Separate problems on the 104 wreaked havoc on the line later that night. 3438, which had been the bus used on 4241 block, apparently broke down at some point during a later run. The 9:05pm departure from West Chester subsequently departed about 20 minutes late, using a spare driver and 5373. The regular operator for 4241 block did make the 11:05pm departure, but had 3378 for that run.
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