Tuesday, June 03, 2003

  • ROUTE 207/WHIRL HEARING A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, July 10 at the West Whiteland Municipal Building in Exton regarding the Route 207/Whirl service funded mainly by a CMAQ grant applied for by the township. The hearing, which begins at 1:30pm, will make permanent routing changes that took effect last year. Ridership has been dismal in recent months, due mainly to the stagnant job market.

  • COATESVILLE PLANNING AHEAD? The City of Coatesville is in the process of developing and building a new parking deck near the Amtrak station off 3 Av/Diamond St in the city's east end. The city sees the construction of the parking deck and potential renovation of the old rail station as a possible precursor to bringing the R5 - which currently ends at Thorndale - back to Coatesville and Parkesburg. Considering SEPTA's budget crisis and historic aversion to making ANY transit improvements in Chester County, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  • MEDIA RESCHEDULES CRAFT FAIR Due to the inclement weather last Sunday, the Media Art Exhibit and Craft Fair was rescheduled for this Sunday, June 8. As a result, the 101 Media Trolley will terminate at Providence Rd/Bowling Green station, with a bus-bridge in effect between Bowling Green and Orange St. Incidentially, there's no notice about any bus-bridge on the SEPTA web site, which is nothing unusual.

  • AND ON A RELATED NOTE... It appears that the people responsible for setting schedules on the Broad Street Subway dropped the ball, as they usually seem to do. Despite the fact that the Phillies were playing a double-header against Montreal on Sunday which started at 1:05pm, the Sports Express trains were running as though the first pitch was at 1:35pm. It does make one wonder if somebody at SEPTA even had a clue that the time for the first pitch had changed. (Just remember three weeks ago when that parade along West Chester Pike fouled up the 104, 112, and 123 for most for most of the afternoon, but nobody bothered to post signs at the terminal or even send a supervisor out to the platforms.) Well, it's a good thing that only 36,000-plus passed through the turnstiles for both games, as I would suspect that a lot of people would've been squeezed like sardines if attendance was higher. (Side note: I highly doubt that there were 36,000 at the Vet on Sunday. Maybe most of them saw the first game, then left while others missed the first game and saw the second. It seemed the attendance was more like 20- to 25,000, but what do I know?)
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