Wednesday, October 06, 2004


From the "Who the hell is this guy" department, we present a gossip item from today's Philadelphia Daily News (a fully-paid for subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee):
CELEBRITY FASHION stylist Anthony Henderson is about to become a celebrity himself.

In about a week, SEPTA will begin rolling out buses with giant pictures of him plastered on the sides.

"He's a rider. He's also up and coming. We works with various celebrities," said Barbara Siegel, a SEPTA spokeswoman. "We felt that he speaks to the youth market. That was our primary reason for selecting him."

Henderson, a Philadelphian who divides his time between Germantown and Beverly Hills, has worked with Eve and other entertainers and has worked as a fashion consultant for the Daily News on a number of our fashion spreads. (Just remember we knew you when, Anthony.)

The SEPTA campaign, which promotes Safe Transit, will run through next month. Daily News

We're guessing that the reference is to the "Save Transit" propaganda campaign, unless SEPTA's working on another campaign that we're unaware of...

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