Monday, November 01, 2004


In September, this blog had criticized SEPTA for failing to restore full express service on the P&W (Route 100/Norristown High Speed Line) after that line had gone to all local service over the summer. It was later learned that a new signal project slated to be completed this fall would not only restore express service, but it would in fact introduce a new 3-tier service pattern on the P&W.

Within the past couple of hours, we have recieved word that express service will be restored to the P&W on November 22, with the 3-tier pattern that was mentioned earlier. The signal project apparently has been completed, thus allowing the service to be restructured.

Northbound service between 69 St and Norristown will operate as follows:
  • Local trains will make all stops between 69 St and Bryn Mawr; in addition, there will be local trains between 69 St and Hughes Park
  • Two express patterns will be introduced: Express trains to Hughes Park will run non-stop to Beechwood-Brookline, then make all stops to Hughes Park; Express trains to Norristown will stop at Penfield, Ardmore Jct, and Ardmore Av, then make all stops between Bryn Mawr and Norristown
  • Norristown Limited trains will stop only at Ardmore Jct, Radnor, and all stops between Gulph Mills and Norristown
Southbound service between Norristown and 69 St will operate as follows:
  • Local trains will originate at Bryn Mawr and Hughes Park, making all stops to 69 St
  • Hughes Park Express trains will make all stops to Beechwood-Brookline, except for County Line, then run express to 69 St
  • Norristown Express trains will make all stops to Bryn Mawr, then stop only at Ardmore Av, Ardmore Jct, and Penfield en route to 69 St Terminal
  • Norristown Limited trains will make all stops to Gulph Mills, then stop only at Radnor and Ardmore Jct en route to 69 St

The changes will take effect on November 22, when all Red Arrow route changes will also take effect. The new P&W timetables will probably be available for preview within the next week or two.

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