Thursday, May 05, 2005


As of 17:45, there is a bus-bridge in effect on the R8 Fox Chase line, reasons unknown at this time. Thus far, 5194, 5736, and 7214 have been dispatched from Midvale to Wayne Junction; the control center is in the process of trying to get a bus sent to Fox Chase, most likely from Comly.

18:00 - Control center has confirmed that wires are down on the R8 just north of Wayne Jct. In addition to the three buses sent to Wayne Jct, three buses are being sent to Fox Chase, numbers have not been confirmed. It appears that the train involved was either the #852 (17:08 Suburban to Fox Chase) or the #849 (17:15 Fox Chase to Chestnut Hill West).

18:34 - Control center has relayed orders from RRD that service between Wayne Jct and Glenside is single-track operation and the bus bridge has ended. 5559 was the bus sent from Comly to Fox Chase loop. Additionally, 5746 was dispatched to Fern Rock for reasons unknown. Based on the new information, it appears that the wires were on the RDG Main as opposed to the Fox Chase branch.

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