Thursday, May 26, 2005


At around 08:30, there was a report of police activity along Market between 9 and 10 Sts; Control Center reports a possible bomb threat is causing Market to be shut down. It's unclear what the bus route detours are, as it appears to vary route-by-route. Reportedly, 124/125 buses are being told to operate with extreme caution but with no detour route that I was able to hear. It appears that westbound buses are being diverted via 9 St to Arch and back to Market via 10; eastbound buses are being routed via 10 St, Chestnut, and 9 St back to regular route. There was also a report that El trains were not being operated through the area. Suffice to say that there's a lot of gridlock as of right now...

09:12 - Control Center confirms that the bomb scare is at the Gallery. There's no word on the status of Regional Rail service at this time. There are a lot of detoured bus routes this morning, with an accident earlier this morning at 17-Snyder forcing the 2 and 17 to divert (the 17 was already diverting as it was).

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