Thursday, January 12, 2006


State Police responded to an incident on board a SEPTA bus earlier this afternoon according to CBS 3:

During a ride into Center City on I-76, two passengers on a SEPTA bus got into a heated confrontation, police said.

Almost a dozen passengers were on the bus during the altercation.

“I’m glad I’m alive, that’s all I got to say,” said Mark Martin. “I heard two guys arguing, then I looked up and this guy had a 9mm in his hand asking him whether this guy had a problem with him. That’s when I ran up to the front.”

According to passengers, the suspect with the handgun approached the driver and asked to be let off.

“That’s when the guy with the gun ran up to the front and asked the bus driver to let him off the bus, he asked him like two or three times because the guy with the gun was trying to avoid the confrontation,” said Martin.

The operator of the 124 bus then pulled over near the Gladwynne on-ramp and waited for State Police/Belmont to arrive. Two Philadelphia men, Sidney Clayton and Sherman Jerome Bush-Knox, were arrested and charged with making terroristic threats.

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