Wednesday, February 17, 2010


UPPER DARBY, Delaware County - Few details are available, however, during the PM rush hour last night, SEPTA "Transit Police" and Upper Darby Township Police were investigating a report of a stabbing on the El at 69 St Terminal. The incident was reported shortly before 5:00pm Tuesday night. No other details, including the condition of the victim or any description of suspects, were available as of this posting.

There was also a report of a passenger struck by a northbound P&W train at West Overbrook Station, Haverford Township, Delaware County. The victim's legs were reportedly over the platform when he was struck by the train. The victim was removed to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Earlier in the day, there was a report of an injured passenger on the El at 11 St Station, causing delays between 8 St and 15 St. During the mid-day hours yesterday, El service was operating on the eastbound platform while the investigation was ongoing on the westbound platform, reportedly in the area of 8 St.

The reported stabbing comes just days after an overnight assault on the Broad Street Line over the weekend. In that incident, a group of teens reportedly assaulted a 14 year old boy on a northbound train as it approached Allegheny Station. The group responsible for the attack reportedly boarded the train at Susquehanna-Dauphin Station. No arrests have been reported in that incident.

News reports indicated that there were no cameras on the Broad Street car where the assault reportedly occured. The incident comes less than two months after the SEPTA Board approved a contract to purchase "Wimax-based" video surveillance systems for 72 B-IV cars, on top of the 53 systems already in use on the Broad Street Line.

But, of course, the system is safe...

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Anonymous said...

With all the attacks that happens on the El or any other of septa's vehicles, the ones attacking the passengers are few compared to the ones who just sit there or stand around and be onlookers of these attacks, people complain but yet they see these attacks happening by these little teens and are scared stiff to get involved to stop these teens in there tracks so if you want my op-pinion stop looking for help thats not available at the time when you see these attacks and grow some balls and help the ones who are in need of your help and guarantee these kids will think twice about attacking anyone else fearing that the tables could be turned on them