Wednesday, March 10, 2010


PHILADELPHIA - Just ask two brothers from Northeast Philadelphia, who were reportedly assaulted by separate packs of teenage punks in separate incidents on the El last week, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

On Saturday, William Costa, 47, of Mayfair, told SEPTA "Transit Police" that he was pushed from behind and knocked to the ground by two girls, then kicked by a boy as two other girls videotaped the incident at Frankford Terminal at around 08:10 last Thursday morning. William Costa suffered a broken index finger and needed four stitches above his eye.

The assailants fled onto a westbound train at Bridge-Pratt, which is home to the SEPTA "Transit Police" Zone 4 station. SEPTA's Jerri Williams told the Daily News that the incident was reported, "... she said she had no notes of his being kicked and that the police report indicated there were only four female assailants."

It makes one wonder where exactly the "Transit Police" were during the morning rush hour. Most times, it's virtually impossible to find a "Transit Police" officer at Bridge-Pratt, but when officers do patrol the area, the general attitude seems to be issue citations for offenses that most law enforcement agencies would file as criminal complaints.

Meanwhile, Joseph Costa, 57, of Parkwood, was assaulted by a different group, this time at 20:00 Friday evening at the 60 St El Station. In that incident, Joseph Costa was struck in the back of his head with a board, then was attacked by 10 teens - 8 boys and 2 girls - who kicked and punched him while he was down for about 90 seconds.

Philadelhpia Police arrived moments later, and reportedly told the other Costa that he was the seventh victim on the El this week.

Adding insult to injury, a witness reportedly told Joseph Costa that he knew some of the attackers, but didn't want to get involved for fear of retailation.

"That's Philadelphia for you," Joseph Costa said.

Sure as hell is...

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Wow. you guys piss about everything. Then again so does everyone. SEPTA is awesome. They do a hell of a job.