Tuesday, March 19, 2002

ARCHIVES - 3/18/02 & 3/19/02

March 19, 2002

The much talked about MCI D4501 cruiser will begin testing on the 123, 124, and 125 starting on Thursday. MCI 6000 will be assigned out of Red Arrow initially, though Frontier may eventually see this bus on its 124/125 runs. The MCI demo is built to MTA/New York City Transit specs, complete with a sliding wheelchair lift (similar to NJT's new cruisers), a Luminator MegaMax destination sign, and non-LED taillights. There are even some NYC Transit interior decals...

The breakdown for the 5500-series is now tentatively set as follows: Frankford - 5501-5540; Comly - 5541-5585; Red Arrow - 5586-5595; and Southern - 5596-5600. It looks as though Midvale will be shut out from this batch, despite the need to retire the remaining dozen or so 8600-series Neoplans. Most likely, some 3000 and 3100 Neos will be shifted from the Northeast depots (Comly and Frankford) to Midvale...

As for the 5600-series set to arrive next year, that batch is tentatively set to go to Midvale and Frontier.

March 18, 2002

Route 66 used diesel buses instead of the trackless trolleys due to power problems somewhere along Frankford Av. The other ETB routes at Frankford - the 59 and 75 - for the most part still used the ETBs. A mini-tractor was used to push the ETBs out of the yard via Bridge St and Frankford Av. The ETB poles were connected to the catenary at Frankford and Pratt, then operated under their own power to Arrott Terminal.

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