Friday, March 08, 2002

ARCHIVES - 3/8/02

On the other side of the river, Amtrak President George Warrington has been named the new Executive Director of New Jersey Transit. Warrington will replace Jeffrey Warsh, who was effectively forced out of his job by New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy (who hasn't exactly come across as "pro-transit" to people in South Jersey, based on his lack of support for the Camden to Trenton LRT system).

While Warsh's departure was politically motivated to say the least, at least McGreevy had the good sense to appoint someone with both a railroad/transit background, but someone who also is well versed with the quirks at NJDOT. Warrington served as New Jersey's Deputy Transportation Commissioner under Tom Downs, who himself became President of Amtrak in 1994; not too long after Downs' appointment, Warrington became head of the Northeast Corridor Business Unit. Warrington began his career at NJDOT under former SEPTA GM Louis Gambaccini. During the Gambaccini administration at NJDOT, Warrington helped coordinate the launch of NJ Transit, and led NJT Rail Operations...

Back on this side of the river, a New Flyer has been appearing regularly on the 119, which has been a long-time Neoplan stronghold. While the low floors are becoming common on the 117, they rarely are spotted on the 119. For the past two days, 5404 has shown up on 609 block (the 1:20pm "pull-out" 104 from 69 St, then the 2:35pm to Chester)...

The Bus Roadeo season may be a few months away, but Lancaster's Red Rose Transit Authority will be the host for this year's Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association Bus Roadeo, which will be held on the weekend of August 17-18. The site has yet to be determined.

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