Tuesday, November 26, 2002

  • HOLIDAY UPDATE A new page has been posted listing SEPTA's additional holiday services. Added bus service will be offered to Exton Square, Franklin Mills, Granite Run, King of Prussia, Montgomery, and Plymouth Meeting malls.

  • RED ARROW UPDATE Pending the outcome of a vote by UTU 1594 members, changes may be implemented as to how spare operators will report for duty. A proposal had been introduced by SEPTA to stagger report times among operators in order to avoid drafting other operators for weekend duty. SEPTA appears to be putting pressure on the Red Arrow operators to approve this plan. One union insider reports that SEPTA may not only take away the 108 and 124/125 from Red Arrow, but also the 305 if all runs are not filled. The 124/125 would end up at Frontier while Southern would be the likely candidates for the 108 and 305 if SEPTA follows through on their threats.
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