Monday, November 11, 2002

  • NOT SO FAST... (BUS DEPT.) Apparently, the plans to buy new cruiser buses is on hold. Contrary to earlier reports, SEPTA has not issued a request for bids on such buses, and there are no immediate plans to do so. Also, the plans to purchase new cutaways to replace the junk that masquerades as buses (the Fords) have not advanced, even though most of the Fords assigned to Frontier are literally starting to fall apart.

  • NOT SO FAST... (RAILROAD DEPT.) New equipment delays are not limited to the bus side of operations. SEPTA has yet again extended the deadline for Silverliner V proposals another month. Instead of December 4, the proposals are now due at SEPTA on January 8, 2003. The way things are going, the City of Philadelphia could (and hopefully will) elect a new mayor before SEPTA finally moves forward on the Silverliner V cars.
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