Saturday, November 16, 2002

  • MORE RAIL PROBLEMS Between the annual slippery rail problems and the rotten weather, Friday night would not be a time for the entire Regional Rail system to shut down. Well, guess what? It did. According to the Inquirer, the distribution center at Wayne Junction lost power at around 5:45pm, right at the tail end of the PM peak. In yet another classic quote of stupidity, SEPTA spokesman/apologist/liar Richard Maloney called the power failure "a case of 'Murphy's Law'". Either that or SEPTA forgot to pay the electric bill. The Inky also noted that all Regional Rail trains were stalled, with some trains stuck in between stations. The Great Valley Flyer managed to arrive at Downingtown only 2-3 minutes behind schedule, arriving at 6:22pm. Despite the Inky's article, it appears that delays were mainly on the RDG side of the system. Service was partially restored by 8:20pm. Suffice to say that little information was made available as to whether or not shuttle buses were available (I highly doubt it).

  • INJURED LIST Callowhill 5414 - the bus which suffered major curb-side damage following Tuesday's accident in Germantown - is now at Midvale undergoing a damage evalutation before determining whether to send it to Wyoming for repairs or to the scrap yard. Comly 5547 is the latest bus to be involved in an accident on the 14. No further information is available about the accident, which occured on Wednesday. This is at least the 4th New Flyer from Comly in the past few months to be involved in an accident on either the 1 or 14.
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