Monday, September 22, 2003

ISABEL RECAP Most of SEPTA's bus and rail lines were operating as close to normal on Friday, just after the worst of Tropcial Storm Isabel passed through the area. The only lines that were out of service for most or all of Friday were the R5 Paoli/Thorndale, R6 Cynwyd, and R8 Chestnut Hill West. Service was restored to the Chestnut Hill West line by mid-day, however Paoli and Cynwyd line service was out all day. Paoli service was out all day due to numerous downed trees along the line. Despite SEPTA's announcements to keep the system running, thousands of Paoli Line riders were forced to find alternate routes, with no SEPTA shuttles available. Now, it's one thing to inconvenince less important lines like Cynwyd, but Paoli? Service was restored in time for the start of Saturday service.

TROLLEY ACCIDENTS Within a 72 hour period, two accidents were reported along the subway-surface lines.

The first accident occured on Friday morning at 49 St/Woodland Av when one K-Car rear-ended a second. About 20 people were injured.

The second occured on the diversion route, when K-Car 9001 derailed and struck a house at 42 St/Spruce St while working on the 13. About 10 people, including the operator, were injured.

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