Thursday, September 18, 2003

ISABEL UPDATE Most of the routes out of 69 St Terminal are operating as close to schedule as possible. The 4241 block on the 104, however, was running about 15 minutes late getting into Newtown Square (unfortunately for those who normally take that block, which includes the 11:05pm West Chester to 69 St run, that's close to normal), however the 4299 block (10:05pm West Chester to 69 St) was operating close to schedule, arriving only a couple minutes late. Most of the traffic lights along High St between Rosedale and Union in West Chester and along West Chester Pike between PA 352 (Chester Rd) and PA 252 in Newtown Square are out. The signal at West Chester Pike and Old West Chester Pike is flashing, but operable (sort of).

The P&W, however, is another story. KYW NewsRadio 1060 reports that the P&W is operating a bus-bridge along the entire line, however a SEPTA employee reports that buses are only running as far as Bryn Mawr. In either case, expect major delays tonight if you're travelling between 69 St and Norristown. Also, 102 riders may want to be alert in case of flooding at the CSX underpass between Collingdale and Sharon Hill.

The R5 is still running with approximately 30 minute delays on the Paoli/Thorndale side (and my boss is going to be thrilled when I have to tell him why I'm late for work tonight, but what can you do?). There is no word just yet as to what the status of Regional Rail service is

There have also been reports of scattered tree falls throughout the region, particularly in Philadelphia. As a result, most lines may experience unscheduled diversions and/or cutbacks due to Isabel. SEPTA may not be able to report all of these delays (despite my constant complaining about this issue, there are probably tons of delays - KYW can't even report all of the tree and wire incidents), so prepare for a long night, and a very long day tomorrow.

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