Monday, September 15, 2003

WHAT A ME$$ The Inquirer reported that SEPTA may be in worse financial shape than originally anticipated, as if that's even possible. SEPTA is reportedly delaying action on the DRACONIAN SERVICE CUTS and fare increase that was proposed to have taken effect this month. Meanwhile, SEPTA's deficit has grown from $41 million to $50 million since the start of the fiscal year on July 1. That's an average of $790,000 per week. Short of blaming Harrisburg (which seems to be the only defense from Fearless Leader and the Rotating Resumes at 1234 Market), SEPTA seems to think that the legislature is going to hand SEPTA a blank check without any pressure to institute reforms.

"We hoped that buckets of money would be delivered to us ... We may still have service cuts and fare increases. I am optimistic that will not happen." - Fearless Leader on the current financial situation

Of course, the Iggles did the same thing for Donovan McNabb, and look where it got them - an 0-2 mark after two terrible games at the new $512 million taxpayer subsidized playpen known as Lincoln Financial Field, and the real possibility of an 0-3 start in two weeks. Pretty soon, you may have thousands of fans dressing up as empty seats as the season progresses (or regresses as the case may be).

Considering the report from Gov. Rendell's point person on SEPTA and the Port Authority of Allegheny County should be finished and released soon, the chances of SEPTA making any significant changes in it's structure and in the corporate attitude are slim and none - and slim just left the station. If SEPTA continues to bleed money at it's current pace ($790,000/week), the budget deficit may be close to $80 million by the time June 30 rolls around - that's $41 million ON TOP OF the current $41 million hole. In short, that's double what SEPTA's current hole is now.

Then again, if SEPTA wouldn't waste it's money for ads on Howard Stern (one aired on that show last Tuesday) or on those stupid "Race to the Vet" promos at Phillies games (among other things), maybe we might be looking at a better financial situation than what we're starting at now...

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