Friday, January 09, 2004


The headline offers four simple words for Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, and the rest of the Iggles for Sunday's game against Green Bay (Wis.). Kinda says it all, don't ya think...

That's also some pretty good advice for SEPTA, as they plan to operate extra Broad Street and El service on Sunday, with express trains leaving Fern Rock every 10 minutes en route to Pattison, in addition to "frequent" local service.

Apparently, SEPTA was able to take some time out of it's busy schedule of begging Harrisburg for more money and screwing up the Regional Rail system to get Iggles President Joe Banner to encourage fans to take SEPTA:

"This feedback we're getting from fans is that the energy, the excitement building up to the game on Sunday is tremendous ... Now we want to make sure that we can harness that enthusiasm by having everybody who is coming to the game in their seats prior to kickoff. We're advising fans to leave plenty of time to get here and to take public transportation. If fans insist on driving they should carpool. But the real message is that we strongly advise fans to use SEPTA. Everything we have heard this year with regard to fans who have taken the expanded SEPTA service on the Broad Street Line to Eagles games has been that the experience was a very positive one."

Well, maybe service has improved, but if my personal experiences from last season are any indication, expect headaches, crowded lines at the turnstiles after the game (assuming they don't fail as they did for a Phillies game in April), and bizarro dispatching of trains after the game in which locals were often sent out 1-2 minutes before expresses.

Oh, and here's more proof that the folks at SEPTA's Ministry of Mis-Information have too much time on their hands. In the press release, SEPTA noted that the Iggles are 15-5 over the past four seasons when more than 7,000 fans take the Broad Street Subway.

Gee, I wonder if that'll make SportsCenter...

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