Tuesday, January 13, 2004


A Upper Darby Township woman had her day in court yesterday to face charges that she allegedly abandoned her two children at 69 St Terminal last month. According to the Delaware County Daily Times, Kelly Severino, 42, had been held at Delaware County Prison after failing to post $5,000 bail since her arrest on a felony count of reckless endangerment.

On December 7, Severino allegedly abandoned her two children, a 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy, at 69 St Terminal while she allegedly took a bus, claiming to her children that she "would be right back."

(Upper Darby Twp Police) Officer Thomas Hald wrote in the affidavit: "The weather outside was below freezing with some wind and the ground was snow covered."

This was a couple days after the first significant snowfall of the winter took place.

Severino agreed to a deal in which she would enter a drug/alcohol rehab program in exchange for a reduced sentence. If completed, Severino would have her charges reduced from a felony to a summary offense of disorderly conduct.

"You are being given a break today," (District Court Justice Harry) Karapalides said. "Do what you’re supposed to do."

A break? Considering that she stranded her two children at 69 St Terminal during a time which isn't exactly safe for adults, much less pre-teenage children, saying that it's a "break" is an understatement.

Well, that's Upper Darby for you...

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