Saturday, February 21, 2004


It didn't take long for the SEPTA Spin Machine to go into full force following the arrest of two teens on the El earlier this week.

KYW NewsRadio spoke to SEPTA Minister of Mis-Information Richard Maloney on Wednesday.

A Septa official claims the transit agency's security police, Philadelphia Police, and the Philadelphia School District are engaged in ongoing efforts to deal with problems believed tied to students riding the Septa system.

But, Septa spokesman Richard Maloney charges, the number and severity of incidents -- most of which appear to occur in the late afternoon hours -- are being overblown by the media and by Septa riders.

Police believe certain groups of teen riders may be the cause of troubles on the subway system and bus routes. They say more than 40 incidents -- including harassment, intimidation, and assaults on riders -- have been reported over the past month. Some have involved violence.

So, according to SEPTA's Ministry of Mis-Information, 40 reported incidents involving teen riders over the past month is overblown? And, to add insult to injury, SEPTA is accusing riders of blowing things out of proportion?

Sure, and I have a bridge in Tacony for sale...

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