Monday, February 16, 2004


Perhaps the company that provides the destination signs for SEPTA's fleet knows something that we don't...

According to a press release issued by Digital Recorders, Inc., parent company of TwinVision, announced the following:

Canada-based New Flyer ordered TwinVision(R) amber all-LED EDSS for 100 bus vehicles in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Agency (sic) public transit fleet. Delivery is expected to conclude in April 2004.

Considering how fast some of the recent orders from New Flyer were delivered, it appears that the first of the 5700s should be arriving on SEPTA property in a matter of days. There's a possibility of delays with this order due to the change-over from an Allison transmission to a ZF transmission, starting with this order.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that they haven't been deployed yet, SEPTA is promoting it's new Champion cutaway buses on some of its timetables. 2070, which is apparently the prototype bus, is featured on the new timetables for the 92, 130, and 304. Despite initial reports that the buses would be on an International chasis, they actually are being built on a Freightliner chasis.

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