Thursday, January 27, 2005


The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's Board of Commissioners voted to transfer nearly $10 million in funding for highway projects to SEPTA, thus reducing the defecit from $62 million to nearly $49 million. Among the projects that would be delayed or impacted by reduced funding, according to the Inquirer:

Reconstruction of the Norristown Rd interchange on the PA 309 freeway in Montgomery County ($4.9 million),
Reconstruction of the Callowhill Rd bridge in Bucks County ($1 million),
Reconstruction of New Rodgers Rd in Bristol Twp ($2.4 million), and
Reconstruction of Oxford Valley Rd in Middletown (Bucks) ($1.4 million)

Do you think it's any coincidence that most of the projects being cut are in Bucks County, which just so happens to be Don Pasquale's home turf?

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