Monday, January 24, 2005


Da Iggles are going to the Super Bowl!!!

It wasn't really that big of a deal, except for the fact that da Iggles had lost the last three NFC title games (including the last two at home, which was quite embarassing to say the least; the 2002 loss to St. Louis wasn't as painful because nobody really expected da Iggles to be there).

Before we all start dreaming about a parade down Broad St in two weeks, let's remember one thing...

As great as this win is for the city, remember that DA IGGLES HAVEN'T WON A DAMN THING YET!

Philadelphians talk about the NFC Championship game win as if we had already won the Super Bowl. Hate to ruin everyone's fun, but until the clock strikes 0:00 at the end of regulation in Jacksonville two weeks from yesterday and da Iggles have more points on the scoreboard than the Olde England Patriots, the curse that has befallen this city - from mediocre to lowsy sports teams to its ethically questionable government to its near suffocating tax burden - won't be lifted.

As many Iggles fans have been noting in recent weeks and months, and even some Iggles players themselves, failing to win the Super Bowl will constitute a failure for this team. And, as painful as it is to say, the Olde England Patriots are going to give da Iggles a lot of fits on February 6.

I guess the moral of what I'm trying to say is this: Iggles Nation should enjoy this win until next Monday, when the Super Bowl hype is expected to go into overload levels. Then, hope that Bill Belichek has a major brain cramp come February 6.

For all the talk about Andy Reid often being outcoached in humiliating losses (see the 2003 and 2004 NFC title games), there'd be no shame in being outcoached by Belichek, who quite frankly, could probably outcoach Vince Lombardi. That said, wasn't it great to see the Big Guy actually show some emotion yesterday for the first time since he's been in Philadelphia?

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