Sunday, January 21, 2007


So, SEPTA wants to capitalize on that goodwill generated by those strong ridership increases on the Regional Rail system. What better way to capitalize on said goodwill then by making it slightly more difficult to purchase tickets at Center City stations, Trenton, and the Airport.

Two weeks from today, the ticket vending machines from these stations will be removed and replaced with ... nothing. Granted, the ticket machines were obsolete about 10 years ago, but the inexcusable part about it is that SEPTA hasn't even bothered to consider purchasing replacement TVMs. After all, why be like NJ Transit, who has been using TVM's that (1) accept the newer generation $5, $10, and $20 bills, (2) print out reasonably sized tickets that are not prone to misplacement, (3) in some locations, allow for purchase of PATH tickets and even New York City MetroCards, and (4) accept credit/debit cards. Why bother being like many of the other mass transit agencies in the nation and upgrade the fare collection system?

Easy, because this is SEPTA, whose new motto might as well be "quality customer service through longer ticket lines".

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