Thursday, January 04, 2007


At around 00:40 this morning, police were dispatched to a report of an assault on the subway at Fern Rock. Amazingly enough, SEPTA "Transit Police" were able to make an apprehension. This despite the responding officer not responding to dispatch for about a minute, necessitating an officer assist call. Despite some less than professional radio communications between the back-up unit and police radio, it's almost a miracle that an apprehension was made, considering the notoriously mediocre response time by "Transit Police." The victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries; it was also reported that the actor had displayed a simulated firearm and also had previous aggravated assault charges.

Last Thursday, however, a cashier at the Margaret-Orthodox El station wasn't as lucky. At around 17:50, "Transit Police" and PPD were dispatched to the report of a strong arm robbery at the station. The actor fled on a westbound El train with approximately $100. A westbound train was halted at Tioga with several "Transit Police" and PPD officers sweeping the train with negative results.

On Tuesday, "Transit Police" reported that 3 black males wanted for an assault at the Girard Subway station fled on a southbound train. Again, no success in locating the actors.

And, of course, there was the typical "found device" on New Year's Day. At around 16:40, PPD was alerted to a possible device found in the area of the Tasker-Morris subway station, forcing the station to be closed. Broad Street Subway service, however, continued to operate, bypassing Tasker-Morris. The situation was placed under control at around 17:30.

Happy New Year, SEPTA customers...

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