Thursday, July 10, 2003

DELAYS IN WEST CHESTER The 92, 104, and 119 are being detoured off of Gay St between High and New Sts in West Chester due to West Chester Borough's monthly "Swinging Summer Thursday" event. As usual, there was no notice given to operators or the public. Why the powers that be in West Chester think this is a great idea to draw people into town is beyond me. It's one thing to hold a street festival on a Sunday, but you can't block off a major street during the height of rush hour once a month and not expect to get criticized for it.

TROLLEY MESSES NEXT WEEKEND In addition to the scheduled grade renewal at Lansdowne and Garrett on the Red Arrow trolley main line, the subway surface lines will also be diverted to the 40/Market El Station next weekend, with a "scheduled construction project" as the reason.

FRANKFORD SWING STARTS SUNDAY The first phase of the "Frankford Swing" - which will eventually move all bus routes presently terminating around the Frankford Terminal area - begins on Sunday, when the 3, 5, 8, 24, R, and Market-Frankford OWL buses are moved from various locations at or near Pratt St to "new" Bridge St: The 3, 5, and Market-Frankford OWL buses board on the south side of Bridge adjacent to Frankford Depot; the 8, 24, and R board on the north side of Bridge adjacent to the El yard. The new locations will be in effect until at least August 4, when the new terminal building will begin seeing El trains. Phase 2, which starts July 25, will see El service cut-back to Margaret-Orthodox and most Frankford Terminal bus routes operating to Erie-Torresdale. Expect a lot of confusion during this time period.

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